When Camelids bring their antibodies to treatment of animal and zoonotic diseases: the ZooBodies® concept

First innovative collaboration in this field between BioSourcing and VIB


Brussels, October 13, 2017 – Today, BioSourcing, a leading biotech company, announces that it has launched a collaboration with VIB, the Belgium well-known life science research institute, to develop camelid single domain antibodies (VHH), against specific targets associated with inflammatory diseases in animals.

Camelid single domain antibodies (VHH) have repeatedly demonstrated their efficacy in human health and have contributed to date to more than 300 peer-reviewed publications in high ranking journals and the creation of several biotech companies. Their ability to block an identified target effectively and their stability, combined with their affordable production cost in large quantities, will drive them to become the next successful innovative class of Animal Health Biopharmaceuticals.

BioSourcing strongly believes in the considerable potential of Biopharmaceuticals in animal health and has a robust research program of high potential therapeutic proteins at various stages of development. VIB combines its great interest in developing new technologies with a strong focus on translating the results of its basic research activities in benefit for society.

The global animal health market is estimated at about USD 30 billion, growing annually at 4-5%. It is poised for all major innovations driven by biopharmaceuticals, from offering better care for our aging pets, to helping address the challenges of sustainable development in livestock (for example antibiotic resistance, zoonotic diseases).

Dr Gholamreza Hassanzadeh, Manager of the VIB Nanobody® Core, said:

We are happy to collaborate with Bio-Sourcing to develop single domain antibodies in the field of Animal Health. We are convinced of the success of our collaboration thanks to the great potential of camelid single domain antibodies, the experience we have gained to develop human therapeutics, and the development skills of the BioSourcing team.


Dr. Bertrand Mérot, BioSourcing Founder and CEO said:

We are particularly happy to initiate with VIB the first project of our ZooBodies® platform, from which several programs are ongoing. We are convinced this type of molecule can bring advantageous and innovative solutions to the global One’s Health challenge.


About VIB :

Basic research in life sciences is VIB’s raison d’être. VIB is an non-profit, independent research institute based in Flanders, Belgium where some 1,500 top scientists from Belgium and abroad conduct pioneering basic research. As such, they are pushing the boundaries of what we know about molecular mechanisms and how they rule living organisms such as human beings, animals, plants and microorganisms.
Based on a close partnership with five Flemish universities – Ghent University, KU Leuven, University of Antwerp, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Hasselt University – and supported by a solid funding program, VIB unites the expertise of all its collaborators and research groups in a single institute.
VIB’s technology transfer activities translate research results into concrete benefits for society such as new diagnostics and therapies and agricultural innovations. These applications are often developed by young start-ups from VIB or through collaborations with other companies. This also leads to additional employment and bridges the gap between scientific research and entrepreneurship.
VIB also engages actively in the public debate on biotechnology by developing and disseminating a wide range of science-based information.
More info can be found on www.vib.be.


About BioSourcing :

Bio-Sourcing makes affordable biopharmaceuticals available to animal health. One of the recombinant protein platform used by Bio-Sourcing is a technology derived from LFB’s proprietary technology platform rPRO®. It is a unique scalable and cost-effective method of complex protein (monoclonals) production already validated to date. This approach avoids the limited capacity available from Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMO’s) and large capital expenditure necessary to build in-house cell factories.
BioSourcing has also created and setup the first new class of single domain antibody (VHH) for animal health : The Zoobodies®. These very specific zoobodies® are particularly well adapted to animal infectious and inflammatory diseases as well as for zoonotic diseases. Biopharmaceuticals for animal health can now be produced at a fraction of the cost that we have come to expect.
Bio-Sourcing is now partnering with companies around the globe, who share our vision to bring innovative and cost-effective biopharmaceutical solutions to animal health, and contribute to ‘One World, One Health’ through healthier animals.


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