Drugs produced in the milk of animals were approved as human therapeutics by the FDA in 2006 and by the EMA in 2009. By adapting this methodology for veterinary use, Bio-Sourcing will create an innovative and safe route for a number of applications.

This Bio-Sourcing platform is available to Industrial Partners for the production of their own biopharmaceuticals.

In addition, Bio-Sourcing has initiated the development of its own product pipeline with focus on large volume targets.

Bio-Sourcing’s makes it possible for Animal Health companies to exploit its technology license from LFB to produce better and more affordable drugs.

Our expertise and vision are focused on range of both companion and production animal health applications.



Due to natural resource constraints such as scarcity of arable land and fresh water, 70% of future food production increase will have to come from efficiency-improving technologies. Bio-Sourcing’s breakthrough technology will help provide innovative biological drugs for animal health that will boost productivity and feed-conversion rates.

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With a 50% increase in demand for nutritional animal proteins forecast over the next 10 years, it is vital that animal health companies continue to improve the drugs available, in order to help producers fight diseases that devastate production and control the risks of disease outbreaks and zoonoses. Bio-Sourcing’s groundbreaking technology provides high impact biologics to reach these goals.

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The combination of the increasing worldwide demand for safe and healthy food, the pressure to drastically reduce the use of antibiotics and the growing concern around zoonotic disease prevention, means that efficient treatment and prophylactic modalities for livestock have become a key factor in food supply and environmental sustainability. Bio-Sourcing’s approach to biologics production will help significantly with the future plans to drastically reduce the use of antibiotics.

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Increase Sanitary Status

Animal diseases wipe out an estimated 20% of the world’s livestock production. It has also been estimated that two thirds of new human diseases are zoonotic. It is therefore essential to improve the sanitary status of animal production with innovative approaches.

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Improve Weaning

Improving the weaning period is essential to reduce weaning stress and enhance post-weaning performance. Several studies have evaluated the impact of pair and group settings through the milk-feeding and weaning stages and the impact on starter intake, growth and stress. Bio-Sourcing is working on the development of innovative biological drugs that will greatly impact the weaning period.

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Decrease pollution effluent

Large industrial farms may produce more waste than can be recycled as fertilizer. The effluents from such units can threaten the quality of the soil, water, air, biodiversity and ultimately public health. Improving nutrient transformation thanks to digestive enzymes and replacing at least part of the antibiotic need by appropriate use of biological drugs will significantly reduce pollution effluent.

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