BioSourcing and The Roslin Institute announce launching of their partnership in the production of biopharmaceuticals for the animal health markets

The global animal health market is estimated at USD 30B with a 4-5% CAGR.  It is poised for the major innovations brought by biopharmaceuticals, be it to better care for our aging pets, or to help address the challenges of sustainable development in livestock (for example antibiotic resistance, zoonotic diseases).

BioSourcing is a leading biotech company and strongly believes in the  tremendous value of biopharmaceuticals for animal health. BioSourcing  has a full stable of high potential therapeutic proteins undergoing development.

Production volumes may be large, and production costs (and capital investment) must remain attractive enough to let biopharmaceuticals be affordable for both pet owners and farmers. BioSourcing therefore focuses on breakthrough technologies, already developed and validated in human health, to transfer to Animal Health.

Biosourcing and The Roslin Institute are now launching a partnership to explore the potential of new genome editing technologies for the over expression of biopharmaceutics in milk.This will hopefully lead to improved efficiency in the methods used to produce large volumes of complex therapeutic proteins.

The Roslin Institute is world World-famous for its cutting edge research in animal genetics. It undertakes top-class basic and translational science to tackle some of the most pressing issues in animal health and welfare.

Professor Bruce Whitelaw, The Interim Director of The Roslin Institute, said:

“We are pleased to collaborate with Bio-Sourcing, a company who embrace the challenge of finding innovative solutions to animal health issues. This new collaboration complements Roslin’s mission to advance the health and welfare of animals, to underpin the livestock industry and address the global goal of food security.”


Dr. Bertrand Mérot, BioSourcing Founder and CEO said:

“We are more than happy that one of the best worldwide research center brings its scientific expertise to our industrial project. We are convinced that the unique combination of our expertises will lead us to success.”


About The Roslin Institute :

The Roslin Institute is a National Institute of Bioscience (NIB) which receives Institute Strategic Programme Grant funding from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). It is a part of the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine of the University of Edinburgh.The Institute undertakes research within the framework of BBSRC Institute Strategic Programmes focussed on the health and welfare of animals, and applications of basic animal sciences in human and veterinary medicine, the livestock industry and food security.The Roslin Institute is located on the University of Edinburgh’s Easter Bush Campus and brings onto one site the research of the Institute alongside the teaching and clinical activities of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.


About BioSourcing :

Bio-Sourcing makes affordable biopharmaceuticals available to animal health. One of the recombinant protein platform used by Bio-Sourcing is a technology derived from LFB’s proprietary technology platform rPRO®. It is the most natural, scalable and cost-effective method of protein production available to date. Milk-sourced recombinant protein drugs for human use were approved by both EMEA (2006)  and FDA (2009). This approach avoids the downsides of cell culture production methods: limited capacity available from Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMO’s) and/or large capital expenditure necessary to build in-house cell factories. Biopharmaceuticals for animal health can now be produced at a fraction of the cost that we have come to expect. Bio-Sourcing is now partnering with companies around the globe, who share our vision to bring innovative and cost-effective biopharmaceutical solutions to animal health, and contribute to ‘One World, One Health’ through healthier animals.


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