Growing Market

The animal health industry includes all products and services – excluding nutritional feed for pets and livestock – that promote farm and companion animal health as well as farm animal productivity.
Parasiticides, antimicrobials and vaccines are among the top-selling animal health product categories for both the companion and production sectors. Analgesic sales drive the pet space while productivity enhancers drive livestock needs.

Key FiguresThe global market is estimated at USD 30 billion (according to Vetnosis) and is forecasted to continue growing 4 to 5% p.a. over the next 5 years.

  • North America: 45%

  • EU: 30%

  • Asia: 15%

  • LATAM: 10%

Until 2020, developed countries market will grow at 5% from 19B$ to 26B$ while developing countries will grow 12% from 3B$ to 7B$

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Companion animals account for about 40% of the market with strong growth in both developed and emerging countries due to a fast-growing companion animal population and increased spending to allow pets live longer and healthier lives.

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  • Companion animals: 41%

  • Cattle: 24%

  • Pigs: 16%

  • Poultry: 10%

  • Ship / Aqua and others: 9%

  • Pharmaceuticals: 62%

  • Medicinal Feed Additives: 12%

  • Biologicals: 26%

The production animal sector accounts for the other 60% of the total market. Producers and the animal health industry are facing major challenges: there is increased demand for animal proteins but there are limits on the availability of arable land and water resources. A shift towards the use of biologics will help to address these challenges.

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