Bio-Sourcing is currently engaged in 2 partnered projects on existing and novel biological entities with top 10 Animal Health companies.
Bio-Sourcing is now partnering with major animal health companies around the globe who share its vision – to convert human therapeutic solutions into affordable animal biological drugs, and thanks to healthier animals, contributing to sustainable development and to the WHO concept of “One World, One Health”.


The benefits of this approach are multiple:


Low technology risk by using an FDA and EMA approved production technology.

High market potential with a rising demand for innovation in animal health.

Several in-house candidates of new veterinary biologics in the wake of 20+ years experience in human health.


“Bio-Sourcing brings a more natural, scalable and cost-effective method of protein production enabling the use of biologics for animal health at a competitive cost. Our technology is part of the solution to resource scarcity, food supply and environmental sustainability.
We are currently partnering with market leaders around the globe to deliver breakthrough therapeutics with proven efficacy and lower cost to the animal healthcare markets thereby making sustainable solutions commercially feasible.
In an effort to continually explore additional therapies made possible by this unique approach and to broaden the global market access to affordable biological molecules, Bio-Sourcing is pursuing research, development and marketing collaborations with others who share our vision.
If your company is operating in the field of animal health, with a focus on biologics, a strong market access and a corporate culture geared toward innovation, we would be glad to discuss a potential collaboration to launch with you the next generation of veterinarian biological drugs.”

– Dr Bertrand Mérot, Founder and Chief Executing Officer of Bio-Sourcing